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This website supports EDS customers and other physicans to optimize embolus detection by


Explaining the Art of Embolus Detection by

powerpoint lectures, articles and manuals.


Giving you the possibility for uploading your own TCD audio-files 

for review and feedback.

Showing you TCD teaching files with different types of

solid & gaseous emboli and artifacts in the bloodstream.


Provide you lectures on stroke prevention by implementation

of TCD and TCD embolus detection in daily clinical practice


The EDS is a premium CE certified software for detecting single solid emboli in the bloodstream. The EDS has been developed and validated by Dr. RWM Keunen, a Dutch neurologist working at the Haga Teaching Hosipitals, The Hague, The Netherlands.


Embolus detection is a unique diagnostic tool to identify patients with an increased stroke risk.


EDS could be applied in the management of (a)symptomatic carotid artery stenosis and peri-operative monitoring of patients scheduled for carotid surgery.

Additional TCD Stroke Prevention Initiatives 
developed by R.W.M. Keunen MD PhD

The Haga Braincare Strategy

The Haga Braincare Stragey has been developed to reduce the burden of focal and global ischemia related to cardiac surgery. It is a dual strategy in which patients with cerebral flow states are identified prior to surgery by TCD Ultrasound and in which patients are monitored per--operatively by non-invasive NIRS cerebral oximetry. In a retrospective follow-up study we noticed a the Haga Teaching Hospital an extinction of postoperative hemodynamic strokes and a > 50 % reduction of the post operative delirium...

Prevention of Malignant Cerebral Hyperfusion after Carotid Surgery or Angioplasthy

Cerebral hyperperfusion syndromes are reperfusion syndromes that may occur in the run off MCA territory after stenting or surgery of high grade ipsilateral carotid artery stenosis. Most of these hyperperfusion syndromes are transient phenomena with no residual brain lesions. However some of them result in a devastating hemorrhagic stroke. The main risk factors  of such a devastating stroke is when systemic hypertension and failed cerebral auto regulation interact with each other. Implementing intelligent TCD and RR management in these patients may prevent such devastating strokes...

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