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Upload Your Files

This is a free service for review and feedback on High Intensity Transients. For this free service you are invited to upload short TCD registrations with a duration of approx. 1-5 minutes. We will report within 48 hours about the nature of the HITS. 


Apart from the free service for short time series, the EDS support centre intend to offer a yearly subscription to review all TCD registrations for single solid MES detection at your clinic by a network of experienced MES experts. Ask for additional info about this service.

How to upload a file

1. Export your file in a wave-file format.

2. Provide General Info such as surname, name, title, email, hospital, city.

3. Provide information about the clinical circumstances during which the TCD recording was performed. Mention at least arterial territory (e.g. MCA) condition (e.g. a rest, activity, type of surgery, ect.)

4. We will send you an EDS Report within 48 hours.



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